DIN Rail

The Kvaser DIN Rail SE400S-X10 is a multichannel, programmable Ethernet to CAN/CAN FD interface for DIN Rail mounting. This device has four CAN/CAN FD channels and supports up to four optional Kvaser DIN Rail SE400S-X10 I/O add-on modules of which there are three different types; analog, digital, and relay. Ideal for automotive test cell or end-of-line production test applications, the SE400S-X10 can download and run programs created in the Kvaser programming language, such as diagnostics routines to test automotive body control modules.

The other interfaces on the rail are:

  1. Kvaser DIN Rail S020-X10 Analog add-on
  2. Kvaser DIN Rail S010-X10 Digital add-on
  3. Kvaser DIN Rail S030-X11 Relay add-on


Major features:

  1. Quick and easy installation.
  2. Multi-channel CAN to Ethernet interface.
  3. Supports CAN FD, up to 8 Mbit/s (with correct physical layer implementation).
  4. Networked CAN interface with Kvaser programmability to e.g. monitor and respond to CAN messages, develop I/O functionality, and optimize protocol handling.
  5. Capable of sending up to 20000 messages per second, per CAN channel.
  6. Ethernet connection with auto-MDIX using a standard shielded RJ45 socket.
  7. Smart clip system for easy mounting on DIN Rail; no tools needed.
  8. Supports up to four add-on modules for digital and/or analog inputs and outputs, controllable through Kvaser CANlib and t programs.
  9. Compatible with applications written for Kvaser hardware in Kvaser CANlib.
  10. Galvanically isolated CAN channels.
  11. Requires a power supply from Class 2 / SELV.


  1. Documentation, Kvaser CANlib SDK, and drivers can be downloaded for free at www.kvaser.com/downloads.
  2. Kvaser CANlib SDK is a free resource that includes everything you need to develop software for the Kvaser CAN interfaces. Includes full documentation and many program samples, written in C, C++, C#, Delphi, Visual Basic, Python, and t programming language.
  3. Kvaser CAN hardware is built around the same common software API. Applications developed using one device type will run without modification on other device types.
  4. J2534 Application Programming Interface available.
  5. RP1210A Application Programming Interface available.
  6. HTML-Help and online documentation in Windows.