DiagRA X


ECU measurement and calibration are highly important engineering processes during ECU development. We have identified critical issues that are responsible for disorganized and exhausting software work:

  1. Too much unused functionality.
  2. Unorganized and poor usability.
  3. Time-consuming configuration options.

Together with a team of designers and application engineers, we have developed DiagRA X to provide engineers working on ECUs a modern, user-friendly and wonderful platform to work on.



Fast Measurement:

  1. Connect and visualize your data in minutes
  2. Analyze your data with our basic analysis tool DiagRA® X Viewer

Smart Calibration:

  1. Calibrate your control systems (ECUs) in real-time
  2. Configure your memory pages with the binary data manager

Ease of use:

  1. Quickly create customizable and pre-configured worksheets
  2. Assign data to display intuitively with drag & drop
  3. Organize your data in experiments with our powerful variable manager
  4. No programming skills required


  1. ASAM-Standards – MCD-1 CCP, MCD-1 XCP, MDF
  2. Devices – ECU, Measurement Devices
  3. File Formats – LAB, ELI, DCM, MDF(4.x), A2L, CAN DBC
  4. Interfaces – Kvaser, Intrepid Control Systems, Vector, ACTIA I+ME, Pass-Thru, etc.