DiagRA F

One of the challenges that OEMs face is Flashing ECUs! The engineers working on ECU development always possess tools that are required for flashing. But, the engineers working at the End of Line/Testing often not equipped with the right tools.

We have identified the challenges of such engineers:

  1. Tools for flashing ECUs.
  2. Flash configurations.
  3. The complexity of tools.

Taking these points into consideration we have developed DiagRA F specifically for ECU flashing at ease. Read on to know more.



Key features:

  1. Standalone ECU Flashing software.
  2. Extremely simple-to-use flashing tool. Load the hex file, configuration file, and start flashing.
  3. ECU flashing over UDS.
  4. Built-in graphical Flash configuration builder. If Flash configuration is not available, the user can build one easily.
  5. The built configuration file will be compiled and checked for errors before flashing resulting in safer flashing.
  6. It can be delivered as a plugin to DiagRA D.
  7. Works with several standard SAE J2534 vehicle communication interfaces.


  1. ECUs – Any
  2. Protocols – UDS
  3. Interfaces – Pass-Thru (SAE J2534)
  4. Physical connection – CAN